Wednesday, October 29, 2014

THEATRICAL: Cracked face 2

*Превод на български най-долу*


One more Halloween idea. I found this when i googled "cracked face make-up" and thousands of images came up. I like it because it somehow reminds me of the queen in Alice in Wonderland. That was a really easy and quick make-up to do, i haven't used any special materials to do it. 

First i covered most of my face with Illamasqua's white foundation. Then i used an Inglot liquid liner with a felt tip to draw the outline of the colorful part of my face and the cracks. Finally, I used my normal foundation, did a cat eye and put lipstick on.  

I think it looks quite cool and I'm actually considering whether i could wear this on Halloween :) 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


*Превод на български най-долу *


It's me again…bringing you a horrifying look! I posted this pic on Facebook and decided to write something quick about it and post some more pictures. I got the idea when i was looking at Halloween stuff on Instagram, because i realized i hadn't done anything bloody and disgusting yet. And it's not Halloween if there is no fake blood!

Monday, October 27, 2014

THEATRICAL: Cracked doll face make-up

*Превод на български най-долу*


I have so many creative make-up ideas to shoot and not enough time...I got the inspiration for this make-up when i googled "cracked doll face make-up". So many people have done this make-up before but i wanted to try it too. I'm warning you the make-up is far from perfect because i was waiting for my landlady and i wanted to finish before she came. Something makes me think she wouldn't have liked it if i opened the door looking like this. It would have been quite difficult for me to explain to her that i'm not crazy and i don't usually spend time at home looking like that :D

Saturday, October 25, 2014

What's in my bag? - Какво има в чантата ми?

*Превод на български най-долу*


Argh. It's so cold outside and i have about 15-20 minutes to write the post. I've seen so many of the "What's in my bag" posts that i felt i had to write one too! 

Let's get started!

My everyday bag is really practical. I prefer structured handbags, because it's easier to find things and they look more vintage. This bag is just the right size for me. I bought it from Berlin last year and i really hope it's going to last a long time, because i hate spending hours in shops looking for something nice and i'm very fussy..

So what's in the bag?

A small see-through zipper bag 

I'm trying to keep my bag organized - i only keep the most important things in there and i clean it regularly to get rid of receipts, coins at the bottom, hair clips and whatever else there is. I've put most of the small things in this plastic see-through zipper bag so i can easily find them when i need them. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

THEATRICAL: Comic book character

*Превод на български най-долу*


Girls, something really weird happened to me. As i was reading a comic book…it sucked me in! And now i'm a comic book character and i can't get out. I live between the pages and a blue tear is running down my cheek :D

Let's be serious for a moment now - i'll be posting some more theatrical looks before Halloween. That's my first attempt at a pop-art and cartoon movies- inspired look. I didn't become as cartoonish as i'd hoped, but i'll try again the future.  


How i did it?

First i applied foundation on the whole face. Then i drew the eyebrows with liquid liner, so they look very black and cartoonish. On the upper lid i've got a cat eye. I have liquid liner on the lower lid too, but i've left 4-5mm space between the liner and the lashes to make the eye look bigger. On the waterline i have applied some white pencil, to make the make-up more contrasting. Aaaaand yes, i've drawn the lower lashes, hehe!

Saturday, October 18, 2014


*Превод на български най-долу*


I hope you are enjoying the autumn and i hope you are in a good mood. I'm just continuing with my theatrical make-up series, because i've been feeling really inspired lately. See! Even bats have landed on my eyelids :D

For this look i used Urban Decay's Electric Palette, Inglot Liquid Liner, and the bats i drew with some really cheap brushes bought from Jumbo. Yes, the pink ones for acrylic nails! They turned out to be very precise. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Inglot Make-up Contest

*Превод на български най-долу*


I've been really busy lately and i've been neglecting the blog as a result. I was wondering what to post today, so i decided to write something qucik and post pics of the make-up i used for the Inglot Varna competition. I did a neutral and relatively natural look (especially considering my love for dark lipsticks and weird color eyeshadow combinations :D) 

Defined crease, a lot of highlighter on the brow bone and in the inner corner, liquid liner and false lashes. Really simple. Lips are a nude pink color. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

THEATRICAL : Girl Got a Gun Make-up

*Превод на български най-долу*


I believe the things i've been posting have become crazier and crazier :D This post will be about make-up inspired by a song again. This time it's Tokio Hotel's Girl Got a Gun. The first time i watched the video I was surprised how weird it actually was but fascinated by the make-up. I couldn't help posting some insane!

I really liked the girl with blue skin, big black brows and huge red lips. She looks like a cartoon character came - very unreal and fantastic. 

I don't have a blue foundation but i'm a DIY fan…so i solved the problem by mixing some cheap blue eyeshadow with white foundation. It worked! Kinda. For the black brows I used paper I colored with a black sharpie. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

New cosmetics : Jumbo

*Превод на български най-долу*


I had to go to Jumbo about two weeks ago, because i needed to buy some stuff. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of cosmetic products at really affordable prices. I've written a bit for each thing I bought and I hope you find it interesting. 


I'd read a lot about these drawers on bulgarian blogs so I was really happy when i saw them in the store. I bought these drawers and I love them! My make-up collection fits inside perfectly. There are four drawers and one compartment with a lid. There are two small compartments in which I keep the things I use most often - in the left one I keep my beauty blender, a foundation and tweezers. In the right one I keep my circle lenses. Everything feels much more organized and easy find now. The box was about 10 BGN, which must be about 4 GBP. Definitely worth the money!

Monday, October 6, 2014

MOTD: Gold x brown smokey eye

*Превод на български най-долу*


I'm COVERED IN GOLD, gold, gold

Just another MOTD post. Most of my MOTDs this month have been inspired by some song. This one is not any different - Tokio Hotel's "Covered in Gold" has been stuck in my head for some time and the lyrics go"I'm covered in gold, gold, gold". So I did something golden :) 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

KPOP: Black smokey eyes - Jaejoong "Mine" video inspired

*Превод на български най-долу*


I haven't been posting lately, because I've been busy but I'll try to make-up for the lack of posts. 

I can't stop replaying Jaejoong's Mine video.Today I did some make-up and put together an outfit inspired by the video, which is so gloomy and beautiful :) 

The make-up consists of black smokey eyes and nude lips. This look has been done millions of times but it's still classic. As an eyeshadow base I used NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean and then used MAC Carbon eyeshadow on top. I have lightened my lips with foundation and then applied MAC Hue lipstick.
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