Friday, December 26, 2014

My Christmas make-up & a Sigma Pro Welcome Pack review ~

*Превод на български най-долу*


Happy holidays, dear friends! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I spent my day writing cards and watching movies yesterday, so it's time for me to write a post now!

It's really difficult to build your kit when you are a new make-up artist. It's quite expensive, but at least some brands and websites offer discounts for working professionals. I've been applying for make-up artist discounts with different brands since I finished my first make-up course in April and decided to get into make-up seriously. So far I've managed to get discounts with Inglot, Illamasqua, NARS and some other brands. 

I recently found out that make-up artists receive a 20% discount with Sigma brushes. I first tried Sigma in 2011 - I bought a couple of brushes and loved them so much that I bought a whole brush kit from them in 2012. My application for a pro discount was approved and I received the Sigma Pro Welcome Pack on Monday so here's a review of what was sent to me ~

I was sent some eyeshadow and brow product samples, as well as a free blending brush. Let's start with the shadow and brow powder samples. 

I decided to use the Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette for my Christmas make-up. I went for a warm smokey look on the eyes. I used the shades Dove, Optimistic and Warm Stone. 

  • Optimistic - in the centre of the lid. A pink shimmery shade. 
  • Dove - on the lid right under the crease. It's a warm brown It's warm brown shade, a bit darker  then it looks in the picture. 
  • Warm Stone - in the crease. It's a matte brown with some golden particles in it. 
  • On my brows I have the Dark shades of the brow powder samples. They are easy to apply with an angle brush and look quite natural.  

Here is a picture of my whole face so you can see how this eye make-up looks paired with MAC's Dubonnet lipsitck ~


On Tuesday I used the Smoke Screen Eye Shadow Palette samples. I used the blue (Nebula), the black (Almost Jet) and the bronzy (Ember) shades.

  • Almost Jet - in the crease. It's a nice matte black colour, good pigmentation, easy to blend. 
  • Nebula - on the lid. It's a lovely light blue colour, but I had to really pack the colour on - It's not really pigmented, which is a shame because the colour is gorgeous. 
  • Ember - in the inner corner. A really pigmented bronzy colour. It could work as a great lid colour too. 
  • Again, I have the Dark Brow Powder on my brows.

Most of the Sigma eyeshadows samples I tried were good quality. I did 3-4 looks with the shadows this week, I didn't wear a base (only powder) on my eyes and my make-up still lasted all night. 
I liked the Warm Neutral palette a lot. The shadows were easy to blend and more pigmented than those in the Smoke Screen palette. The colours are really well chosen and compliment each other. I'd actually buy this palette if I didn't have more than enough neutral colours in my kit. I'm satisfied with the brow powder too - I actually finished the Dark and Medium samples today so I still have Auburn and Light to try on someone with lighter coloured hair. 

Let's move on to the eyeshadow brush!

I was sent this mini version of the Sigma E25 Blending brush. I actually received one of these small brushes as a gift with my first Sigma order in 2011, so now I have two. Yay!

Top - MAC 217, bottom - Sigma E25

 A lot of people consider this brush a dupe of the MAC 217. I don't think it's an exact dupe, because the E25 is sligtly more tapered but both brushes do the same job. So yes - if you are looking for a cheaper version of MAC 217 - get the Sigma brush. The Sigma brush is 14 USD, the MAC one is 24 USD. Unfortunately, Sigma's international delivery is quite do have a look for a free delivery code or a 10% off code before you make an order. 

The post turned out longer than I expected. Sorry! I'm going to post my cosmetics Wishlist for 2015 soon aaaand I think it's going to be my last post for 2014. 
I've already planned so many posts for 2015, I can't wait :)) 

Till the next time ~~

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Snow White ~

*Превод на български най-долу*


I recently finished watching the Once Upon A Time series. All my favourite fictional characters are in there - Snow White, the Evil Queen, Belle, Ariel, the Wicked Witch, Maleficent etc. 

I transformed into Snow White last night, but I'm definately going to do some more fairytale-inspired looks in the future :P

I didn't have anything suitable to put on, so I had to draw Snow White's dress with the Mehron Paradise palette ~

Monday, December 22, 2014

Alice In Wonderland ~


I recently got a new facepaint palette and I've wanted to do something Alice in Wonderland inspired for a long time..So this is the result!
For inspiration I used the parts of the 1951 animated Disney Alice in Wonderland movie I found on Youtube. Not Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland.

Here are the two sides of my face:

As you can see I made my Cheshire cat look much more evil than the original one ... :D

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter fairytale ~


I'm just posting something inspired by AFI's Love Like Winter video and The Chronicles of Narnia's White Witch. And snow ~

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ssss Slytherin ~

Hello, dear friends!

There's nothing I like more than watching movies in my warm bed in the cold winter days. I saw Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone for the 100th time the other day. I grew up with J.K. Rowiling's books so I did a Slytherin-inspired look. I hope you like it:)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Top 10 under £10 - UK


I've wanted to write a post about my favourite affordable make-up products for a very long time! Since my blog is in two languages I'm actually going to write two separate posts - the first about UK drugstore products under  £10, and the second - about Bulgarian drugstore products under 10 BGN. 

I do love high-end brands but you can find some amazing quality products in your local Boots or Superdrug too. Here is a list of my all time favourite make-up products under £10. I hope you find the post helpful. Let's get started! 

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation #51 Light Vanilla - £9.99 (Superdrug)

I've repurchased this foundation several times. This is one of the few drugstore foundations that come in a shade pale enough for me. I just finished my Diorskin Nude foundation and I'm probably going to buy this one instead because it's much cheaper and still great quality. Offers good coverage but not too heavy. It has a pump + it doesn't irritate my skin = win! 

2. Sleek Face Form Palette - £7.99 (Superdrug)

The Face Form palettes are nice and sturdy and come with a mirror. This is my everyday contour + highlight and I use the palette in most of my MOTD pictures. I usually don't wear blush but I admit the blush shade in this palette is simply beautiful - there is a sheen, but no glitter. The highlighter makes a great lid colour too. I've had the palette for about an year and I haven't hit pan yet, which is awesome! Pick this palette up next time you are in Superdrug - you won't regret it!

3. Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow - £6.99 (Superdrug)

I've tried several shades of these little eyeshadow pots over the years - a silver (Argent Pailettes) , a white (Blanc Diaphane), a blue (Bleu Magnetique) and a beige one (Beige Rose). They last for ages and the packaging is really cute. The beige one is definitely my favourite  one, because it can be used as a highlighter too. I' m a big fan of Bourjois' Little Round Pot Blushes too. 

4. Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes - £7.99 (Superdrug)

Another Sleek product I love! I've tried Storm, Au Naturel and Acid and I loved all three of them. I gave Storm and Au Naturel to my friend, because she really liked them, and kept the Acid palette for me because the colours are really bright and unusual. In my opinion £7,99 is a reasonable price for a 12 colour eyeshadow palette - good value for money.

5. Maybelline 24H Color Tattoo Eyeshadow - £4.99 (Superdrug)

You've probably read about these shadows in previous posts - I have the pink (Pink Gold), the bronze (On And On Bronze) and the white (Too Cool) jar. I use these little pots as a cream eyeshadow base to make my make-up last all day. Love them!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Candy pink x silver make-up


I've been craving sweets a lot lately...So here's my candy inspired look ~

Products used:

 Urban Decay Electric Palette
Inglot Liquid Liner #25

Monday, December 8, 2014

Katy Perry Dark Horse Make-up


Just posting a quick Katy Perry inspired look I did last night. I hope you like it! 

Products used:

Sleek Acid Palette - yellow 
Urban Decay Electric Palette - Jilted, Urban
Random nail glitter 
Inglot Liquid Liner 25
MAC Feline Kohl

Till the next time!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Trip to Düsseldorf part II - more pictures & buys

*Превод на български най-долу*


This is my second post about my short trip to Düsseldorf. If you are curious which book I bought and what other awesome affordable stuff I got - read on :) 

Some shop windows really stood out because they were decorated in such imaginative ways. Shops have really put a lot of thought and effort into decorating their shop windows well for Christmas so I just had to take some pictures!

 Look at this huge Chanel 5 perfume bottle! Seriously, it was bigger than my head. And my head is quite big :D 

Gorgeous display of Chanel 5

A Giant Shalimar perfume bottle. I love vintage perfume packaging - it's really elegant. 

Curious what I bought?

I've never read a book in German before, so this is going to be challenging at first but will hopefully improve my German language skills. I got Poe's The Mystery Of Marie-Roget (3€). I really like Poe's detective fiction, so I'll definitely have to force myself and read the book despite the language difficulties I may have.

1. Schaebens Schoko Maske - Chocolate mask - 0.55€ (about £0,43)
Okay, I admit I bought this face mask just because it smells and tastes like chocolate :D I used it last night and it's really good. Also, I had to lick my fingers - the mask was too delicious..

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Trip to Düsseldorf part I ~

*Превод на български най-долу*


I'm finally going to post some pictures of my awesome trip to Düsseldorf and write a short post about it! One of my best friends is currently studying there so I went to visit her. I was there for only a weekend but we had so much fun! The city had already been decorated for Christmas - everything was so sparkly and beautiful. Straight out of a fairytale. We saw the Christmas markets and I must admit I had wayyyy too many sweets in these three days. I regret nothing! (except for not having more Glühwein and even more sweets)

Warning: Long post and horrible quality pictures under the cut (you can enlarge them if you want)

On Saturday we went to the Old town. How cute are these house-shaped shops! Different things are sold in each shop - mostly food, handmade goods or souvenirs. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

New cosmetics: Autumn 2014

*Превод на български най-долу*


I'm actually on holiday now and I'm not supposed to be blogging...buuut I'm waiting for my friend to come pick me up so I might as well write something while waiting. My last post about new cosmetics I bought was posted about two months ago and included what I got in July, August and September. This post includes the make-up I got in October and November. Let's get started!

What you see in the picture is all I got in the last two months. As you know I'm trying not to buy too much stuff because my make-up kit is already pretty big and I don't want things to expire before I've used them up.

1. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I needed some more pink and golden shades for my make-up kit so I decided to get this palette when I found a 10% off code on I have used all of the 12 shades in the past month and

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Autumn leaves MOTD

*Превод на български най-долу*


Just posting a quick autumn MOTD with UD's Vice 3 Palette. The palette is so pretty - it arrived yesterday and I just had to try it today. I did a red x gold smokey eye because I love autumn so much. These colours remind me of fallen leaves. I also used my favourite fall lip product - the lipgloss from Dita Von Teese's collaboration with Artdeco. A nice blood red colour. 

V A M P 
every day

Products used:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cut crease tutorial & pictorial

*Превод и видео на български най-долу*




1. Draw the crease with kohl liner
2. Blend upwards
3. Clean up underneath the line with concealer or beige cream shadow
4. Apply white cream base
5. Set base with white shadow
6. Blend some brown shadow above the line
7. Highlight the brow bone and the inner corner
8. Apply gel/liquid liner
9. Apply lashes, mascara or both
10. Apply kohl in the water line and smudge on the lower lid

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

THEATRICAL: Zipper & The Sandman Death make-up

*Превод на български най-долу*


Look 1

Yes, the zipper look has been done a million times already but I wanted to do something artsy so…I turned the house upside down and found this really old gray zipper. I used eyelash glue to stick it on my face and then did the white to black gradient. 

Some more pictures..

Friday, November 14, 2014

Stippled cut crease, Spiders, Phantom, Blue x purple

*Превод на български най-долу*


Just posting some looks I've been working on lately. I hope you like them :)

1. Stippled Cut Crease - I got the inspiration from @claudiayvette's Instagram. First I applied a white base on my lids and then the silver shade from Urban Decay's Electric Palette on top. I drew the cut crease and did the dots with a felt tip liner (Inglot's Liquid Liner is really nice). 

2. Spiders - I've been seeing a lot of these 3D Spiders on Instagram lately. I first tried drawing the spider on my hand with liquid liner about two weeks ago and really liked the result. I was bored last night so I did a quick doodle on my face. I'm still learning how to make the spiders more realistic, I need more practice but it's so much fun!

3. A blue & purple cut crease - It's a quick look I did on my colleague at the make-up course I'm doing at the moment. I used Urban Decay's Electric Palette, NYX Pink glitter and some random blue glitter. 

4. The Phantom Of The Opera - I'm a big fan of the book and the musical so I decided to transform myself into the phantom! I used some white foundation for the mask (Illamasqua White Skin Base) and covered the edges with fake blood. 

I hope you found some inspiration here ~~
Till the next time!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


*Превод на български най-долу*


I realize Halloween was almost a week ago, but I fnally got down to writing the post. I've been doing so much fantasy/theatrical make-up lately and I had so many ideas in my head..It was difficult for me to decide who to be on Halloween. I decided on a weird-victorian-porcelain-doll look inspired by Claudia of The Vampire Chronicles, gothic lolita and gyaru.  I realize I don't look like myself at all but that's what I love - having a different face every day and transforming myself into different characters. You can see the pics from the Halloween party I went to at the bottom of the post. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Doctor Who / Sci-fi inspired Make-up

*Превод на български най-долу*


As I've mentioned so many times…I love Doctor Who! After watching another episode of the show I got the inspiration to do some quick make-up, inspired by the show. I have a galaxy on my face and the TARDIS landed there too :)) 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FAVS: October - tv series, books, beauty, food

*Превод на български най-долу*


I'm currently doing a make-up course and I have other obligations too, so i've been quite busy lately but a lot of things made me happy this October. Here I'm going to share with you what some of these things are. I'd love to read what made YOU happy last month :)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

TAG: The Make-up Addict Tag

*Превод на български най-долу*


I've never been tagged before so i was really happy when i saw Beauty Galore had tagged me to do the make-up addict tag. Honestly, i wouldn't call myself an "addict" - i like cosmetics, but i rarely buy new stuff for myself. This is why i don't do reviews often. I'm trying to use what i already have so it won't expire. 

Let's get started!

1. Which product do you still keep buying more of despite having plenty in your collection?

Highlighters! I like highlighters because they add a really nice glowing effect to the face and look awesome in pictures. I adore NARS Albatross, MAC Vanilla pigment, MAC Soft'n'gentle MSF and MAC Lightscapade MSF. Also, they are very pigmented so they last a long time, which is really good considering they are not cheap. For example, i've had MAC Soft'n'Gentle since 2010 and i've barely made a dent in it, so it will definitely last me 2-3 more years. My favorite drugstore highlighter is Bourjois' Beige Rose eyeshadow which looks absolutely gorgeous on the cheekbones. I'd love to try Estee Lauder's Heat Wave and Becca's Opal one day. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

THEATRICAL: Cracked face 2

*Превод на български най-долу*


One more Halloween idea. I found this when i googled "cracked face make-up" and thousands of images came up. I like it because it somehow reminds me of the queen in Alice in Wonderland. That was a really easy and quick make-up to do, i haven't used any special materials to do it. 

First i covered most of my face with Illamasqua's white foundation. Then i used an Inglot liquid liner with a felt tip to draw the outline of the colorful part of my face and the cracks. Finally, I used my normal foundation, did a cat eye and put lipstick on.  

I think it looks quite cool and I'm actually considering whether i could wear this on Halloween :) 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


*Превод на български най-долу *


It's me again…bringing you a horrifying look! I posted this pic on Facebook and decided to write something quick about it and post some more pictures. I got the idea when i was looking at Halloween stuff on Instagram, because i realized i hadn't done anything bloody and disgusting yet. And it's not Halloween if there is no fake blood!

Monday, October 27, 2014

THEATRICAL: Cracked doll face make-up

*Превод на български най-долу*


I have so many creative make-up ideas to shoot and not enough time...I got the inspiration for this make-up when i googled "cracked doll face make-up". So many people have done this make-up before but i wanted to try it too. I'm warning you the make-up is far from perfect because i was waiting for my landlady and i wanted to finish before she came. Something makes me think she wouldn't have liked it if i opened the door looking like this. It would have been quite difficult for me to explain to her that i'm not crazy and i don't usually spend time at home looking like that :D

Saturday, October 25, 2014

What's in my bag? - Какво има в чантата ми?

*Превод на български най-долу*


Argh. It's so cold outside and i have about 15-20 minutes to write the post. I've seen so many of the "What's in my bag" posts that i felt i had to write one too! 

Let's get started!

My everyday bag is really practical. I prefer structured handbags, because it's easier to find things and they look more vintage. This bag is just the right size for me. I bought it from Berlin last year and i really hope it's going to last a long time, because i hate spending hours in shops looking for something nice and i'm very fussy..

So what's in the bag?

A small see-through zipper bag 

I'm trying to keep my bag organized - i only keep the most important things in there and i clean it regularly to get rid of receipts, coins at the bottom, hair clips and whatever else there is. I've put most of the small things in this plastic see-through zipper bag so i can easily find them when i need them. 

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